Stainless Steel Core Shims

Stainless Steel Core Shims

Brake pad shims are key elements in EV brake structure due to the vehicle´s soundlessness traduced in stricter NVH requirements for end-user comfort.

Antinoise shims prevent and reduce the transmission and amplitude of vibrational forces. In addition to these characteristics, also offer thermal insulation. These anti-squeal shims are either adhesive or non-adhesive components made of rubber and metal which are multi-layered with varying grades of dampening materials. If a brake shim were to become damaged or removed, imperfections at the rotor-pad interaction cause noise and will be transmitted to the driver.

Combining EV brake system premises of higher moisture concentration, less intense cycles of braking, lower temperatures and longer pad life, the shim performance can be jeopardized by any of the mentioned factors.

NUADI EV shim design is engineered to work through the life of the pad,based on:

• Secure attachment, as an adhesive solution will degenerate over the time

• Anti-corrosion metal core material

• Geometry to ensure balance between NVH performance and cost and process efficiency

NUADI clip-on solution with stainless steel core will work consistently from first brake till component replacement.

NUADI Group provides a fully integrated solution for the EV Original Equipment brakes.
(NUADI and SADECA are brands of the NUADI Group)