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Understand the history of NUADI to become a major manufacturer of brakes components.

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For the last 60 years, NUADI has been a major supplier of brake technologies and components to Aftermarket and OE Markets as well as the innovative engine behind future technologies.



NUADI’s value is to provide a fully integrated solution for the Original Equipment brake industry:
Integration into the design process, Innovation, Unified manufacturing process,
Quickest response to customer needs, Efficiency.

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Nuadi Brake Manufacturer componentes industry

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For decades our clients entrust NUADI to supply the components required for manufacturing their products. For this reason NUADI assumes a firm commitment towards the quality of each product in each phase of the manufacturing process in order to guarantee the maximum safety for final customer.


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NUADI GROUP at EuroBrake

NUADI GROUP is excited to participate in the 12th edition of the EuroBrake exhibition, the world's premier annual brake technology conference. We look forward to connecting with our industry collaborators

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Nuadi Europe ya forma parte de Navarra Zirkular

Navarra Zirkular es la iniciativa de colaboración público-privada que promueve la adopción de la economía circular en las empresas navarras, y a la que Nuadi Europe se ha adherido recientemente.

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1er Plan de Igualdad de NUADI

Desde el año 2021, NUADI cuenta con un Plan de Igualdad que abarca la planificación de 40 medidas a desarrollar en los siguientes 4 años. Estas medidas nacen de nuestro

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