Continuous EPWI

Continuous EPWI

Electrical vehicle braking systems are directly impacted by new requirements due to regenerative braking. The reduced use of the brakes and pads, bringing corrosion and moisture issues might create a driver safety issue.

These can be avoided by monitoring friction wear and temperature. Current ICE vehicles have basic or even no wear detection. EV should wear continuous electrical wear sensor to guarantee driver safety.

Advantages of the continuous Electrical Pad Wear Indicator (EPWI):

Continuous detection of the remaining friction material in each wheel of the vehicle

• Permanent monitoring of the use of the braking system to anticipate corrosion and rust issues

• Possibility of advising the driver to use the brakes with certain frequency to refresh the system

• Opportunity of adding a temperature sensor on the EPWI to check if moisture might have been eliminated from the pad

SADECA develops and provides this unique technology which can be implemented by the OEMs to face new EV market challenges.

NUADI Group provides a fully integrated solution for the EV Original Equipment brakes.

(NUADI and SADECA are brands of the NUADI Group)

(SADECA EPWI is under patent process)