Product Details

Fineblank Plus


Flatness consistency through the entire process.

NUADI’s advancements in the stamping industry led us to become a pioneer by developing an innovation in the brake backing plate design and manufacturing process. FineblankPlus technology meets or exceeds OE standards, improving process efficiency and, above all, product quality in the two most important aspects of a backing plate: flatness and dimensional accuracy.

Advantages of Fineblank Plus

  • Meets or exceeds specifications.
  • Improves the material usage.
  • Provides a piece-to-piece consistent flatness throughout the brake pad manufacturing process.
  • Reduces the cost of tooling for a manufacturing process that is even more robust than traditional fine blanking.
  • Along with NRS (Nucap Retention System), provides the strongest and safest friction bonding to the plate.

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