NUADI in support of La Palma

NUADI in support of La Palma

Christmas is behind us and we begin a new year with renewed enthusiasm and energy, while aware that important challenges lie ahead of us. The economic situation is complex with global imbalances affecting all industries and the automobile industry is no exception.

Although during the holidays we would have liked to celebrate with a meal, all together, a year 2021 that was tough and difficult, the pandemic situation has caused us to rethink our plans and postpone it for a later date.

At another nearby location, our neighbours in La Palma have finally seen the end of the volcanic activity that has destroyed a large part of their island, their homes and small businesses. This is the good news but the bad news is that in a few days we will have forgotten about the volcano. But not them, the people of La Palma will not forget now that the difficult task of rebuilding their lives has begun.

Since we decided to not get together for our holiday meal, the money NUADI had set aside for this event and a little more has been donated to the Red Cross to help the more than 5000 people that have been affected by this catastrophe.

For the people of La Palma, 2022 is going to be a year filled with great challenges, so within our ability, we wanted to help make their situation a little bit better.

Thank you to all member of the NUADI Group.