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Understand the history of NUADI to become a major manufacturer of brakes components.

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For the last 60 years, NUADI has been a major supplier of brake technologies and components to Aftermarket and OE Markets as well as the innovative engine behind future technologies.



NUADI’s value is to provide a fully integrated solution for the Original Equipment brake industry:
Integration into the design process, Innovation, Unified manufacturing process,
Quickest response to customer needs, Efficiency.

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For decades our clients entrust NUADI to supply the components required for manufacturing their products. For this reason NUADI assumes a firm commitment towards the quality of each product in each phase of the manufacturing process in order to guarantee the maximum safety for final customer.


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SADECA becomes part of NUADI Group

NUADI is pleased to announce that SADECA is now an integral division of the NUADI Group. SADECA is a Barcelona-based technology company specialized in electronic wear sensors and accessories for

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The era of Electric Vehicles: Facing brake pads challenges

The Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) has been powering billions of vehicles during the last 100+ years while Electric Vehicles (EV) will disrupt the automotive industry in the following 10. The

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NUADI’s range continues its expansion

Our engineering team always focus on launching the latest parts for new vehicle models as quickly as possible, has been developing the following newly company’s products in the last months:

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